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Rajjo 28th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 28th January 2023 Written Update:– In Rajjo 28th January 2023 episode, the story begins from here in which Manorama is held by Pushkar but Manorama wants to come out of Pushkar’s clutches but even after trying her best, she does not come out. As Pushkar grabs her even more tightly, at the same time Mana Roma gets very scared as the crocodile opens its mouth and looks at him with horrified eyes and Pushkar pushes her into the lake as he tries to push her into the crocodiles prison. So Rajjo goes to the kitchen to see Manorama what she is doing there but when Rajjo doesn’t see Manorama in the kitchen, she gets worried. She goes and keeps thinking in her mind that what is the matter that she has disappeared from here and then asks Arjun about Manorama but still Manorama is not known after that. Arjun says that he must find Manorama as Manorama is nowhere to be seen. But both of them go out to see her but still no trace of Manorama. If anything happens to Manorama, Rajjo and Arjun will be separated or hate each other. In such a situation, Rajjo blames Arjun. how he was taking care of manorama that she has gone missing now the thing to be seen is

Will Manorama be able to avoid becoming the crocodile’s food or not?

Is Madhumalati also involved in Manorama’s attack or someone else’s hand etc. to know the answers to all the questions must watch Rajjo TV serial on 28th January 2023 on


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